They Think That I Am Smart!

February 16, 2015

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When I first started playing Trivia Crack, it wasn’t always fun. That is because I went through my lives too quick sometimes. It was also because I did not know a lot of the answers to some of the different categories of questions. That all changed when I discovered though. This is a site that explains how to get both more lives as well as correct answers. It was easy to get this installed on my phone, and it has completely changed how I play the game now. Before, I would grow frustrated, but now I think that I am the one frustrating others because of how well I do at the game now.

There are six different categories in the game. It reminds me a lot of the trivia game that I used to play with family and friends growing up, though that was a board game. I like it better now that there is an app like it. The categories include the typical subjects of trivia games. Art, history, sports and entertainment are my favorites! I did not all that well at sciences or the geographical questions until I downloaded from

Now, when I play, I get more answers right than I do wrong. It also does not matter how quickly I go through my lives, because I am able to get new ones whenever I want. One of the reasons that I really like this game is because it actually teaches me too. If I don’t know an answer and need help, it usually makes me curious enough to find out even more. Who would have thought that something like this would actually make me a more curious person. As an added bonus, the people I play think that I am really smart too, which is really nice!

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