Started Looking for a New Place to Live

November 19, 2014

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At this exact moment in time I am living in the same place where I moved in after my junior year at NC State. I got a room at this huge house with a half dozen other guys. It was totally bedlam there at different times, we would have parties at least three nights a week and I loved it for a long time. Of course I was making my own schedule and they do not throw you out of college if show up wearing sunglasses with a brutal hangover. Right now I am looking at this site and thinking about whether or not I am going to be able to make it work out. I can cover the rent pretty easily, but it is going to be pretty close to double what I am paying right now. Of course that is the money I usually spend on food and gas and also beer and taking my girl out at night to have fun.

The internet at the place I stay at now is about 70 bucks a month, but that is not so big of a deal. Right now there are five guys there, me and four guys who are stilling in classes at NC State. It obviously has to be a pretty good service and we went ahead and had them give us the Time Warner Business Class internet. It was not like we were in business, but it was obvious that we were going to need the best that they had and this seemed to be it. I can not afford even half of that much, but obviously that is what it is going to be no matter what I find. There are a few options and none of them are going to as good in quality.

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