Review of Latest Online – Web Based Games

August 14, 2012

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I spent a lot of my time today playing Tales of Lagoona – Orphans of the Ocean, Golden Trails 2 – The Lost Legacy and Chronicles of Albian – The Magic Convention. All of them are free hidden objects games which I found on the web. It is just a way to kill time because I am not able to move around right now. Last week I was playing football with some of my high school buddies and I really twisted my knee pretty badly and since then I am barely able to make it to the bathroom. It is really swollen up and I am forced to reside within a very short range of the bathroom and kitchen. So that means I can not really play the Xbox or my PC, both of which are in my den. So instead I borrowed a little net book from my friend Lily and I have been playing the sort of simple web based games which a net book can cope with.

This thing is hardly a net book I guess. It has absolutely no processing power and very little else. It would choke and die if you tried to get it to play any sort of real game. It does fine on these hidden object games and I am okay with it right now. It just takes a bunch of different games to keep me occupied. I really wish that I had a way to get ebooks or something. I have nothing around here to read and it seems like this net book should be good for reading books like you can on a Kindle or a Nook. It is hardly even possible to look at an ebook on it though. The words just tire your eyes out. It does play these simple games very well though.

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