Playing a Decent Web Based Shooter

August 14, 2012

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Sitting around the apartment waiting for my girlfriend to get back from her trip to visit her Aunts in West Virginia. It is really boring because I miss her so much and right now I do not have much to occupy my time. So I am playing a web based sniper game called Tactical Assassin 2 and thinking about what I shall do after I get bored with it. I do not even have a real computer right now and my xbox died on me a couple of weeks ago. The game is okay for now. It is very simplistic and I do not care about it. The graphics would not impress my hardcore gamer fans, but it is fine for use on this sort of lame tablet pc that I am using right now. My brother is going to fix my computer for me at some point, but who knows when that shall be. He is not really well known for his promptness, but when he decides that he wants to fix my computer he shall be able to do it pretty easily.

I am not much good at playing a sniper in this game. I keep missing or hitting the wrong person. That is the thing about the game. You have to shoot the right person and I keep on pushing the mouse button at the wrong time. I had to adjust the sensitivity of my mouse so that I could target better. All morning long I was too sensitive on my mouse so that every twitch I made threw me way off target causing me to miss the person I was firing at or to hit the wrong person. That leads to a failed mission, but I am okay with it. I am just killing time, so failing does not matter much.

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