How Hard is It to Protect a Movie Rights

March 5, 2015

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Of course this is something a lot of people do not know, but a lot of people have come up with brilliant ideas and gone broke trying to prevent other people from stealing them. I think Smith and Wesson bought up a particular patent for use and made a vast sum off using it. However the actual inventor of the technology was forced to protect it from copycats. Of course no one feels all that sorry for big mega companies like Time Warner when people go to the and download their latest movie for free. At some point it becomes a real problem for the people who create the content and all of the vast number of people who are employed by the entertainment industry. It is not like you worry about the millionaires who make the mega bucks when they make a Hollywood blockbuster, but those guys are just the tip of an enormous iceberg in the real terms.

The guys you see on a TV show make the big money obviously. In the height of two and a half men, Charlie Sheen was making tens of millions per year off of the show. He had a piece of the action and he got a huge salary as well. So he had the front end and the back end and since the show basically revolved around a sanitized version of his public persona he was essential to it. When the show went on hiatus because of him he reached in his pocket and paid all of the dozens of people who made a living off of the show. There are probably close to a hundred jobs associated with one big TV show, although those checks are probably only coming when the show is actually in the process of shooting shows.

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