Just Started My Own Blog

September 19, 2013

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I just started my own blog, which is just something I am using to sharpen my skills in web design. Those are quite basic, but not too bad considering that I am only 14 years old. Of course there is one kid in my school who is great at that stuff and he is the one I had to call to solve an issue with the mobile version of the site. He downloaded a website thumbnail api for me and that made everything look right. The problem is that I did not understand how to communicate with smart phone and other types of mobile devices. So I was speaking one language and they were expecting me to speak another. It was just something I had no experience dealing with and I was not really able to figure out what was wrong, because I had never tried to make a mobile version of a site before.

Obviously that is important now, especially when you consider the future of tech. The PC is never going to be dead, but it is not a growth market. The growth is in the mobile field.

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