Become the Twitch Star of Your Dreams

November 12, 2014

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As someone who has been gaming for years and has grown up with a controller in my hand, I find the rise of Twitch and competitive league gaming to be of no surprise at all. If you have ever been in a home brewed competition, league match with your friends then you know just how intense those matches can get. Humans are wired for this; we’re made for this! Whether it’s real-life football or digital, pixelated players on the screen it’s the human mind pitted against human mind. With you can finally take your own personal Twitch stream to all new levels! I have recently begun streaming myself and while I might have not have found the following that I expect will come in no time at all, it’s been nothing short of an experience to remember.

I love showcasing my abilities. Every gamer does. We want to show the world how great we are at whatever game we’re playing but for so long we were only ever able to show our friends how good we really were. For years it was this component and this component alone which prevented league gaming to become a reality. As the gaming culture grew to become an economic force in its own right, it was only a matter of time before this changed. And then came YouTube. And then came the future of gaming.

With players uploading their videos left and right, it was only a matter of time before live streaming technology came to both the hardware and the Internet – now both the Xbox and the PlayStation allow for streaming directly from the game you’re playing rather than forcing the player to hook-up a variety of hardware pieces so they can simply record the game. No, things have changed and Twitch is leading the way. Do you have skills? Are you a pixelated avenger? Can you handle your controller like Le Bron handles a ball? Then you need to be streaming on Twitch!

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